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Lithic Lithium

Located 9km south of Belmont Resources Kibby Lake project and 40 km east of American Lithium’s TLC deposit.

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Lithic Lithium Project.

Lithic is located 29 km north of Silver Peak, the only operational lithium producing mine in the United States. The property consists of 115 claims (961 ha) and adjoins Jindalee’s (ASX: JRL) Clayton North Project and Victory Resource’s Smokey Lithium Project.

Project Overview

The Lithic claim block has not been the subject of extensive exploration activities to date. However, Jindalee’s maiden exploration drilling program (announced to ASX 18 November 2021) determined a northeast trending fault crosses the northern part of their claim block, resulting in a Quaternary gravel cover over the principal lithium target. The Lithic claim block is underlain by this same host lithology but is not covered by extensive Quaternary gravel.

Exploration Plans for LITHIC

RMX intends to undertake additional sampling, geological mapping and reconnaissance of the Lithic property and surrounding areas of interest. RMX also intends to conduct a line of shallow trenches, over a 2,000 m, northeast trending line through the centre of the claim block. Representative samples within the trench line will then be collected from the underlying volcaniclastic sediments and claystone and assayed to identify suitable exploration targets for RC drilling.