80% RMX | 20% LTR

Monjebup Rare Earths

Located 80km north-east of Albany, WA, the Project is mostly situated over private land, benefiting from efficient road access.

80% RMX | 20% LTR

Monjebup REEs Project.

From a geological standpoint, the Monjebup Project is located in the Albany portion of the Albany Fraser Orogen.

Project Overview

The Albany Fraser Orogen extends along the southern and south eastern margin of the Archaen Yilgarn Craton and comprises ortho-gneisses, granites and to a lesser degree sedimentary rocks and remnants of mafic dykes and large sheets of metagabbros, as well as mafic granulites.

Historical sampling by Windward Resources in 2015 identified anomalous Ce, La and Y levels. However, sampling was mainly targeted for nickel-copper-gold and REE potential was not considered at the time.

In early 2022, Liontown applied for the Project tenements with the intention to explore for ionic clay rare earth element potential. Early stage field reconnaissance and surface sampling along publicly accessible roads was completed within the Project area. Highly anomalous REE results were subsequently obtained, including up to 969ppm TREO within E70/6043.

Next steps for Red Mountain

The Company intends to further test REE potential within the Monjebup Project. This will likely entail grid sampling and metallurgical testwork to determine the leaching potential of the REE. Preparations are underway including finalising access agreements and engaging geological personnel.