Red Mountain Mining (ASX: RMX) is focused on new energy metals and recently changed its focus to include investment into the Rare Earths Market through the 100% acquisition of the Mt Mansbridge Rare Earths Project in Western Australia. RMX believes the Rare Earth macro environment is supportive given global industry interest to seek diversification in supply outside of China and as such, is currently planning an aggressive exploration program including drilling at Mt Mansbridge.

Working hard to enhance shareholder value.

Red Mountain Mining has established a project template and resource criteria for evaluating advanced exploration projects. Any project acquired is anticipated to add immediate shareholder value before applying modern exploration and/or mining knowhow to the project.

Jeremy King
NON-Executive Director

Jeremy King is a corporate advisor with over 15 years’ experience in domestic and international legal, financial and corporate matters. He spent several years in London where he worked with Allen & Overy LLP and Debevoise & Plimpton LLP and has extensive corporate experience, particularly in relation to cross-border private equity, leveraged buy-out acquisitions and acting for banks, financial institutions and corporate issuers in respect of various debt and equity capital raisings.

Mr King regularly advises ASX listed companies on a range of corporate matters and currently serves as non-executive director of DTI Group Limited (ASX: DTI), Smart Parking Limited (ASX: SPZ), Transcendence Technologies Limited (ASX: TTL) and EHR Resources (ASX:  EHX)

Non-Executive Director

Commencing in 1987, Robert spent 20 years providing business analysis and management at companies including BHP, Crane Group, Kraft Foods, Mitre 10 and PDL Electronics (part of the Schneider Electric Group).  Since 2006, Robert has been providing corporate advisory services utilising his extensive experience in business management, project evaluation and capital raising across various sectors including cleantech, IT, real estate and manufacturing.  He has been involved in transaction management from sourcing, analysis and due diligence evaluation through to settlement and is a qualified accountant with over 20 years membership with CPA Australia.

Robert has previously served on the board of ASX-listed companies Basper Limited (now Direct Money Limited), Telesso Technologies Limited, Motopia Limited and Viculus Limited.


Non-Executive Director

Lincoln has almost a decade of experience in equities trading, with a strong focus in corporate restructuring, due diligence, mergers & acquisitions in the emerging companies sector.  Further, he holds specific investor relations experience in Asia, having liaised with high net-worth investors based in Singapore and China.

Lincoln also acts as non-executive director to Pure Minerals Limited, an ASX listed company with a strong focus on the battery minerals space.  He was recently appointed as Non-Executive Director to the Pioneer Development Fund (Aust) Limited, a unique fund under a program designed and implemented by the Australian Government to facilitate the supply of equity capital to Australia’s Small to Medium Enterprises.


Mauro Piccini
company secretary 

Mauro is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and a member of the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA). He specialises in corporate advisory, company secretarial and financial management services. Mauro spent 7 years at the ASX and possesses core competencies in publicly listed and unlisted company secretarial, administration and governance disciplines. Mauro started his career in the Perth office of Ernst and Young (EY) where he spent several years in their assurance division.

  • The Board is reviewing new opportunities that may enhance shareholder wealth.

  • Discussions are advancing to determine to best possible outcome of a potential transaction.



Mt mansbridge rare earths project

Mt Mansbridge Rare Earths Project is located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, approximately 130 kms south east of the township of Halls Creek and consists of two contiguous granted exploration licenses E80/5111 and E80/5229, coverings a total area of 245km2 and is prospective for Rare Earth Elements (REE) and nickel-cobalt.

RMX entered in August 2019 a 100% earn-in and joint venture agreement with Unearthed Resources Pty Ltd (Unearthed Resources) in three phases under the Earn-in Agreement.


The Mt Mansbridge Project area has been subject to exploration activities since the 1970’s, primarily for uranium, gold and diamonds and the presence of the REE mineral xenotime in the Killi Killi Prospect has been largely overlooked.  RMX seeks to capitalise on this and determine whether there is an economically viable concentration of REE’s. Also contained within the project area is the Déjà vu Prospect that contains an ultramafic intrusion which is associated with high grade cobalt grades of up to 0.34% Co and disseminated copper and nickel sulphides identified from drilling.

In response to the security of REE supply and global demand for battery minerals due to the rapid growth in lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles, Red Mountain Mining seeks to fast track exploration and development of the Mt Mansbridge Project which is prospective for Rare Earth Elements (REE) and nickel-cobalt.


Located in the northern exploration license E80/5229 is the Cow Creek Prospect which contains near surface magnetic basement features that were identified from publicly available airborne geophysical surveys. The magnetic features are unique and geophysically distinct and different from its surrounding areas and are seen to span 4 kms-5 kms in diameter and are roughly circular in distribution and could potentially host a very large intrusive system..


HREE Market

Recent increases in market demand for HREE coincides with a government clamp down on illegal mining of rare earth elements within China, which currently accounts for approximately 80% of global rare earths production and almost 98% of global heavy rare earth production.

Heavy rare earths are considered rarer than light rare earths and subsequently attract higher prices.

Of particular interest to the Mt Mansbridge Project is the potential for xenotime mineralisation which is known to contain significant amounts of Dysprosium. Dysprosium is used in permanent magnets and allows for magnets to retain their magnetic properties, even at high temperatures. This property is extremely desirable for use in Electric Vehicles.

The importance of Dysprosium in Electric Vehicle manufacturing as well as its use in lasers, wind turbines, nuclear reactors and other military applications makes dysprosium a highly strategic mineral. Other valuable heavy rare earths include Terbium, which is often used as a substitute for Dysprosium, and the rarest and most valuable rare earth Lutetium. Both these valuable rare earths contribute economically to typical xenotime deposits.

Due to its strategic importance, constrained and concentrated supply, strong demand growth and political importance, heavy rare earth deposits located in stable and trade-friendly jurisdictions will garner significant global interest from partners looking for surety of supply.

Australia’s North West an Emerging REE Province

With already a significant number of REE deposits located in the East Kimberly region of Northern Western Australia (including Browns Range, John Galt, Brockman and Cummins Range), Australia’s North West is considered to be an emerging rare earths province, and results from Browns Range recently announced by Northern Minerals (ASX:NTU) demonstrate that particular area to be highly prospective for critical and high value heavy rare earth elements.

The presence of xenotime mineralisation in the Eastern Kimberly makes the region highly prospective for heavy rare earths. Xenotime mineralisation contains high concentrations of Yttrium and heavy lanthanide metals (dysprosium, erbium, ytterbium, holmium, terbium, thulium, lutetium).

Rare Earth Element processing involves processing out each REE in sequence and can be a costly process. As xenotime mineralisation is relatively low in light REEs (Lanthanum and Cerium) whilst having high concentrations of valuable Dysprosium and Terbium thus making it likely to be higher in basket price value and anticipated to be lower in processing cost per tonne of rock.

Until recently, the East Kimberly region of Western Australia has long been overlooked for heavy rare earths. The presence of xenotime mineralisation at the Mt Mansbridge Project, presents RMX with an opportunity to capitalise on this and determine whether there is an economically viable concentration of REE’s.

Mukabe-Kasari Cobalt-Copper Project

The Company in conjunction with its technical consultants is planning further reconnaissance groundwork on the Mukabe-Kasiri Cobalt-Copper Project located in the DRC.

RMX is undertaking further groundwork at its Mukabe-Kasiri copper-cobalt prospect including a trenching and pitting programme focused on testing artisanal copper workings.

Batangas Gold Project

The Company retains its leverage to the Philippines based Batangas Gold project by way of its 1% NSR production royalty and as at the end of the Relevant Quarter held approximately 5.5 million shares in London listed Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd.

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